Elmar Vegetables, Local, Organic and Seasonal Vegetable Boxes.

Local, seasonal, organic veg box providers near Holsworthy.

     Frequently Asked Questions.

  • How does the Box scheme work?

     Once you have chosen the type of box you want and where you will be picking it up from, contact us to order it and we will pack and deliver the box to your chosen pick up point on Wednesday afternoons.

  Unless you wish to do otherwise, (see, "What happens if I don't need a box every week") that's how things will continue!

  We do also need to get the boxes back from you, so please leave the folded boxes at the drop off points when you pick up your next vegetable box.


  • How do I pay?
      If you are collecting your box from one of our pick-up points there are containers available for you to leave either cash or cheques, (made payable to Mark Seamer or Ella Peacock) for us to pick up as we deliver. If you would prefer to pay straight into our bank, contact us and we can let you have the details.

  • What do I do if there are vegetables I don't like?

   If there are certain vegetables you know you will never want, just let us know and we can keep them out of your boxes.

  If you have a lot of vegetables that you don't like, or you wish to have some control over what goes in your box, contact us and we should be able to provide a box tailored around what you want.


  • What happens if I don't need a box every week?
   If a box every week seems too much, don't worry, we have customers who have fortnightly boxes or even boxes every three weeks. If you think there might be some weeks you do need a box, and some when you don't, again, no problem, all we ask is that if you are not having a box for any reason you let us know by 5pm on the Friday before your next delivery. (This is so we have accurate numbers for our ordering).

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